Free Sibling Challenge Printable

Wish your kids would be kinder to each other? Use this free printable to motivate them to treat each other well. It’s simple, fun, and effective.

mockup of 2 printable pages

Any time your kids are home together for an extended period (Winter Break, summer, distance learning), they can often get… mean. They start fighting over toys, bugging each other, and thus, bugging YOU.

And every mom knows that threats don’t work, but rewards do. This printable chart will help remind your little ones that if they treat each other well, they’ll get rewarded.

This challenge can be used for boys or girls, and for siblings of all ages. Best of all, it works.

Brother and sister kindness challenge to print out

We used this the first month of summer break with my daughters and it was great to see them think of each other. At first, they were definitely being nice to get rewarded. After a while, it became a habit.

To use your free copy, just click on the link or the image below. It will open up for you to download or print, no email is required.

Print it out and hang it near their bedrooms, or in a common area like the kitchen.


challenge in pink and green

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