25 Satisfying Lunch Ideas For Busy Stay at Home Moms

Lunch. It’s annoying to make. But if you skip it, you’re a grouch.

We all know that eating a healthy lunch is important, but sometimes it can be hard to find something that tastes good and is easy enough to make.

Here are 25 of the best simple lunches perfect for busy stay-at-home moms.

sandwich, bean quesadillas. and air fryer pizza

Easy mom lunches you’ll enjoy

How to make homemade lunch a reality

  • Plan your lunches! It just takes a few minutes a week and can be the difference between success and failure.
  • Prepare what you can ahead of time. Institute a bulk cooking day in your schedule, and add lunch meal prep.
  • Only make food that you like. Your days are hard. Don’t force yourself to eat something that sounds healthy but that you actually hate.

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Everyone needs lunch

Many of us are guilty of skipping breakfast or only consuming excessive amounts of coffee. Hungry mornings mean that come lunchtime we are cranky, unfocused, and starving.

Low blood sugar leaves us vulnerable to temptations like dashing out for a quick takeout meal or raiding the snack cabinet and filling up on junk food. Disaster.

And you don’t have to slave over the stove all morning to enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch. There are plenty of recipes that are quick and easy to follow.

These are our favorites.

Lunch ideas that will keep you full until dinner


glass leftover container on counter

This one’s a tough call. Leftovers can be a solid lunch choice, but be careful here. Don’t waste good leftovers on something that can be dinner and save you a night of. cooking. And don’t subject yourself to leftovers that aren’t tasty. In general, it’s more satisfying and delicious to make yourself a simple dish you actually like.

Pasta salad

rotini pasta salad with sesame seeds

A pasta salad is a good choice for lunch because it’s so easy to prepare, and you can make it the night before. Make sure you like the recipe because it will likely make many servings and reappear a few times.

Some great pasta salad recipes:

Cheese, deli meat, and crackers

A grownup Lunchable! Add some lunch meat if you want to go crazy! Sometimes when a sandwich sounds boring, the same thing on crackers sounds appetizing. It’s one of the great mysteries of life.

Prepared (by someone else) soup

crock of chicken soup

Soups can be a great lunch option. Yes, they tend to be high in sodium, but warm and satisfying. If you don’t like canned soup, look for refrigerated soups in the deli or prepared food section.

Instant ramen is not the healthiest choice, but it’s inexpensive and filling. If you’re in a hurry, this is a decent option.


A sandwich is always a safe choice. You can easily customize it to your taste, and you probably have most of the ingredients already. Just include some protein, healthy fats, and veggies for fiber and nutrients.

Even if you don’t eat meat, you can be a sandwich person. Try this veggie-based sandwich.

Salad with plenty of yummy stuff

salad in wooden bowl with corn tomatoes and grilled chicken

You heard me, yummy stuff

Salad is a great lunch choice, but don’t relegate it to “boring.” Stuff your greens and veggies with proteins like turkey and avocado. Add spicy peppers, your favorite dressing, plenty of cheese, crushed tortilla chips. Make it delicious, not just a huge bowl of lettuce.

Hard-boiled eggs

If you’re a vegetarian or just looking for healthy protein, boiled eggs are an excellent lunch choice. A hard-boiled egg is satisfying and easy to eat on its own. Or if you don’t like it plain, slice up some avocado and tomato slices to go with it!


Wraps can be a quick lunch option. Chicken and tuna salad are good choices for wraps filled with protein.

If you have a few more minutes, try making your own wrap with your favorite flavors. The choices are endless, and they feel just a bit lighter than a sandwich.

Some easy but tasty wraps you can make at home:

Frozen pizza goodies

mini bagel pizzas on cutting board

Pizza is always a good idea, and there are all kinds of frozen pizza items that are delicious. Bagels, bagel bites, rolls, not to mention actual pizzas.

Just heat it, and you’re done!

Grilled cheese sandwich

Grilled cheese is a classic for a reason. It’s easy to make and always hits the spot. Add some tomato soup for a complete meal.


Quesadillas are a great way to use up a small amount of leftover meat. Sprinkle it on top of the cheese in your quesadilla and make your lunch more filling while avoiding food waste.

Tuna salad or egg salad

A classic, tuna or egg salad can be a simple and delicious lunch. You can make a big batch for multiple days.

Some cold deli salads we love:

Toast with toppings

multigrain bread with cream cheese and avocado

No, it’s not just an open-faced sandwich! It’s toast with fancy stuff on top, and that makes it special. Of course, there’s the ubiquitous avocado toast, but there are many variations that are totally different.

Some toast recipes that make a great easy lunch:

Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are excellent finger food, and they’re easy to make. Make a batch before the week starts, and you’ll have something delicious throughout the week.

They are loaded with protein and make a light lunch that’s still filling.

Baked potato with toppings

A simple baked potato is a great lunch option. Load it up with your favorite toppings like broccoli cheese, and bacon.

If you’re in a hurry, microwave the potato instead of baking it. It’s actually delicious!

Fruit salad

fresh berries, oranges, and kiwi

Fruit is a side dish, ladies. A side! Don’t go eating four pieces of fruit and calling it lunch. But if you’re having one of the lighter meals on this list and need to add a bit more, fruit is a great choice, and kids love it.

Hummus and veggies

Hummus is a great way to add healthy fat and protein to your day. Spread it on some whole grain bread, scoop up with veggies, enjoy!

Feed yourself mama!

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, lunch is an important meal to plan ahead for. From sandwiches to wraps, pizza goodies, or even just grilled cheese sandwiches with soup – there are plenty of options so you can eat an easy meal without sacrificing taste! We’ve compiled some easy recipes and ideas that will help make your life easier.