Free Cardinal Coloring Pages (Easy PDF Download!)

A collection of 7 lovely cardinal coloring pages. Easy to print and beautiful to color.

mockup of 6 cardinal coloring pages

Download the PDF: Before you can print the coloring pages, you’ll need to download the PDF file to your computer or device. Click on the button provided in the blog post to access the PDFs.

Check the print preview: Before printing, always check the print preview to ensure that the entire image fits on the page and that there are no issues with the layout or formatting. If necessary, adjust the scale or size of the image to fit the page properly.

Links to PDF

6 cardinal bird coloring sheets on white background

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Tips for Printing Your Coloring Pages

  1. Choose the Right Paper: Ordinary printer paper will work just fine for your coloring pages, but if you want to elevate your artwork, consider using cardstock or artist-quality paper, which can better withstand the pressure from coloring and will make colors appear more vibrant.
  2. Printer Settings Matter: Make sure to adjust your printer settings to fit the page size and ensure the highest quality print. This way, you can capture all the fine details in your cardinal coloring pages.
  3. Always Do a Test Print: To avoid wasting your high-quality paper, do a test print on regular paper. This will help you catch any sizing or orientation issues before you print on your preferred paper.

Making Your Coloring Experience Pleasant

The best part about coloring is that it’s your chance to relax, let your creativity flow, and make something beautiful. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your coloring experience:

  1. Choose the Right Tools: Pencils, crayons, markers, or watercolor paints – there are no wrong choices here! It all depends on your preference. If you want precision and the ability to blend colors, colored pencils might be the best fit. For a more playful, vibrant look, go with crayons or markers. And watercolor paints can give your cardinals a soft, dreamy appearance.
  2. Make Your Space Comfortable: Good lighting and a comfortable chair can make a world of difference to your coloring experience. Make sure you’re in a space where you feel calm and comfortable, with plenty of natural light if possible.
  3. Take Breaks: Remember, coloring should be a stress-free activity. If you’re starting to feel tired or frustrated, it might be time for a break. Stand up, stretch, and maybe take a walk. When you come back, you’ll see your artwork with fresh eyes.
  4. Experiment with Colors: Cardinals are known for their bright red feathers, but this is your chance to be creative! What about a blue cardinal? Or a rainbow-colored one? The sky’s the limit!

Learning Through Coloring

While coloring your cardinals, why not take the opportunity to learn a bit more about these fascinating birds? Here are some interesting cardinal facts to spark your curiosity:

  • Cardinals are often associated with the holiday season and are a common sight on Christmas cards.
  • Both male and female cardinals sing, which is unusual among bird species.
  • They are non-migratory birds, which means they stick around even in the winter, adding a dash of color to snowy landscapes.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a coloring newbie, we hope you enjoy coloring these cardinal pages. Let the vibrant colors of these feathered friends bring a burst of creativity to your day. Download our free printable coloring pages and get started on your artful journey today. We can’t wait to see what you create!